My Mum just asked me why Brendon Urie left Fall Out Boy. 

1595: Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate.

2014: got kik? 

angel666alex asked: A gay is complitly normal thing. U have my support

Lol, cheers dude xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous asked: Heia, gorgeous, where 'ya from?

Moi? *looks around to see who you’re talking to*

I’m from the lovely county of Suffolk in England which looks rather like Tolkien’s Shire! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

my-otp-pops-severely asked: Ilysm would it be too much to ask for a follow back?❤️✖️❤️

Nope, that’s fine :) love you too! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous asked: I can make you hetero ;) hahahaha jk, really...ur soo hot :3

Haha, er, cheers?! lol. Stay gorgeous doll <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

emotionally-drained-girl asked: You're so cute c: /.\

:) n’aww, thanks love xxxxxxxxxx

For the lovely nothinglessthanlazy

nothinglessthanlazy asked: Can you do a quote from one of my fav bvb somgs wretched and divine? i dont care which one, surprise me ;) thanks i love your blog ❤❤

Yups, I shall do :) 

(I’ll just pick my favourite lyrics from that song cuz I’m selfish as fuck jk jk, well, no, I’m not joking, that is what I’ll do, but I’m not selfish. Honest. Ok, I’m rambling now) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

yeh-boy-and-doll-face asked: Follow back?? c: xxx

Sure (: xxxxxxxxx

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